Attorneys are advocates representing clients and fighting for their legal rights before the court. But what if there are no clients to help? Then the function of lawyers will be purposeless.

People need attorneys to help them with their legal needs. At the same time, lawyers need clients so that they can develop exceptional mastery of the legal and jurisdiction process. But how do clients and attorneys establish a connection? One of the easiest ways is through the Internet.

Come to think of it, everything is already accessible online, from shopping for clothes to ordering food. The same goes for looking for the most reliable attorneys in the area. Learn how you can be ahead in the competition by applying lawyer SEO at techniques to your website.

What Law Firm SEO Agencies Can Do for You

Search engine optimization, or SEO, pertains to the process of employing different practices just to improve the quality and quantity of traffic to a website through organic search engine results. Search engines use crawlers that compile all types of information from the Internet. The crawlers then build an index of these varieties of information. When an online user searches something on the search engine, the index is fed through a certain algorithm. The index looks through its folders and when it finds a match, it provides the data to the online user. In order for search engines to include your website’s information in their index, your website should be first optimized.

SEO is applicable in any kind of business or organization. Companies even hire SEO services just to get hold of a good ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Whether you are working in a legal office or a stand-alone attorney looking for clients, you will need to have access to agencies that provide the best SEO for lawyers. Here’s how SEO can help you:

Establishes Market Position

There are numerous attorneys and law firms out there. Even if you’re trying to reach out to clients in your local vicinity, you will still need a strategy to outdo your competitors. A law firm SEO agency can help your website rank high in the SERPs. Why is this important? Websites that appear on the first page of the SERPs are deemed to offer the most reliable and informative content. The higher the ranking, the more trustworthy they look to online searchers. If your website lands on the first page of the SERPs, people can get the idea that you are or your law firm is one of the best.

Additionally, a study done by Sistrix shows that people mostly click through the first organic result. The study was performed using specifically the most popular search engine, Google. The click behavior of Google users portrays 28.5% clicks landing on the first organic result and drops down to 15.7% on the second organic result alone. Comparing the top ten organic results, you will see that the percentage of the Click-Through Rates (CTR) decreases steadily. This is proof that applying SEO to your website will make a huge difference when it comes to your positioning yourself or your law firm in the market.

Increases Targeted Traffic

For businesses to generate revenue, their target market should know them. For instance, a business selling musical instruments should tap into people who are fond of or want to learn how to play a musical instrument. It will be useless if you’re reaching out to someone who is, for example, a gamer, stamp collector, or a person who doesn’t have any interest in musical instruments.

Similarly, attorneys or legal offices should work on how to get the right traffic with the right market. Law firm SEO services can optimize your website to include specific keywords in your field. SEO strategies done right to drive targeted traffic will recognize your website to be relevant in your particular industry. As a result, it can make you or your firm widely available for this kind of targeted traffic.

Attracts More Prospective Clients

Ranking high in SERPs and successfully increasing targeted traffic can definitely lead to more prospective clients landing on your website. This can be achieved through a perfectly executed SEO tactic. SEO done right will not only make your website’s content more engaging but also can earn you a credible name in the industry. When this happens, you won’ need to worry about where to get clients anymore. With just a simple search online, people can easily connect to you or your law firm regarding their legal concerns.

Generates Return on Investment

Competition is tough in the legal world. Although your main goal may be to effectively support those who need legal assistance, at the end of the day, you will still need an income to continue your work. Through the constant application of SEO methods, you can be sure to gain a higher return on investment compared to others who don’t practice SEO.

Saves More of Your Budget

Owning a business can have many expenses. If you want to make your business or simply position your skillset in the market, you need to have enough budget for advertising, marketing, and the likes. When it comes to promoting something, SEO is one of the most effective ways. This can help you promote your legal firm or yourself to potential clients without spending too much money or even effort. Hiring an SEO agency is more cost-effective as opposed to paid ads.

How to Choose the Best SEO Agency for Lawyers

SEO is a great opportunity for everyone. No wonder why a lot of agencies have set up teams of SEO professionals to offer more people the assistance they need. As a lawyer or part of a legal firm, you have to be mindful of the SEO agency you will be choosing. One of the stepping stones to your success begins in your selection of an SEO service provider. Here are some points to remember during your search for an SEO agency:

Request for the Company’s Portfolio

A good implication that the SEO agency you’re looking at is worth hiring for can be seen through their portfolio. Browsing through their portfolio will give you an insight into how they work. This will also help you learn more about their past experiences. Check to see if they have already worked with a law firm in the past. They are worth considering if they did work with a legal office. Simply put, a portfolio is a brief representation of the company and what they do.

Check the Results

While looking at the portfolio, it’s worth taking note of the success rate of their past projects. The most evident indication that the SEO agency’s efforts were successful is if they were able to deliver driving results for their clients. Were they able to improve the website’s organic traffic, leads, conversions, etc.? It’s only you who will be able to decide whether that SEO agency you’re checking out is a good fit for you or your law firm.

Investigate Their Team and Company Values

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The estimated time wherein the application of SEO techniques will come in fruition depends on your website’s current standing. Expect that you will be working with an SEO agency for quite some time. That is why before hiring one, you need to meet their team and get an idea of how well they relate with their clients.

When investigating an SEO agency’s team, start with their credentials. You may ask for their certifications, as well as other relevant awards or recognitions. This can help you gauge how deep their skills in the field are.

Don’t forget to find out what their company values are. Some may not put that much importance on this part. However, it is important to hire an agency that upholds similar values that you have. After all, this creates a better work relationship between the two of you.

In a nutshell, don’t invest in a company without conducting a thorough investigation about them.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is one of the most essential parts of looking for an SEO agency. Here, you will know how transparent and upfront the company is to its clients. This will also clarify any of your concerns. Take note of these good questions to ask for when interviewing a potential SEO company to hire:

  1. What is your experience when it comes to SEO for law firms?
  2. What are your plans to drive results for legal professionals or firms?
  3. How do you fix issues that arise concerning your original SEO plans?

Make your search easier by choosing Ardor SEO. The lawyer SEO at techniques involve a comprehensive set of strategies that can help you or your law firm achieve profitable results. With Ardor’s expertise, there’s no other way for you or your legal firm to go but up!


Whether you own a business or promoting yourself for a certain type of skill set, using SEO will put you at an advantage in the market. SEO is also helpful for attorneys and law firms. The execution of SEO practices not only helps in making their website more credible but it also makes a way for clients to reach out to them. Get more ideas about lawyer SEO at

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