There are one millions of reasons when you should use best android ad blocker App on your devices. The internet is no longer safe anymore.

Nowadays, even the Ads are filled with wide images and videos or related to Apps. You never know, when and what kind of ads show up on your devices. If you need full control on your devices you must use block Ads in your device using ad blocker software or ad blocker for android.

Ads are annoying no problem when they appear during the important work, while playing games. Nowadays, ads are everywhere be it’s YouTube or Facebook or any of your favorite app. Ads is the source of income in the digital world. To avoid Ads, you can subscribe to the high version of the Apps you are using, but not people offers ad-free services.

There are some ways to get ad block android device in at least some capacity. It almost exclusively requires installing third party apps or root access. But you can block the ads without paying any money. Check out these lists of the best ad blocker app available in the play store, which effectively ad blocks in every form..

1. AdAway (root only)

AdAway is a simple ad blocker app for free price. It uses modified hosts file to send all ad requests to In other words, the request goes nowhere and then you see no ads. The app supports  custom host files or modified or you can download a basic one from the app itself. Host file is stored in a read-only part of the Android system. That meaning root is required for this one. If you want to, you can donate, but whole app works for free. The only two defects are that you must download them from F-Droid, not Play Store, and you need root access. Root users can always just switch the host files themselves without an app if want to.

2. Adblock Plus

Adblocker Plus is arguably the most common ad blocker app on the list.It’s free price. It works on both non-rooted devices and rooted, although non-root users have a few extra work to do. The app runs filters web traffic and in the background almost exactly like it’s web browser extension. Basically, you open it once, set it up, and then it runs on it’s own in the background. That is about it, really. Click the button to go to the official website with setting up Adblock Plus and  instructions on installing on both unrooted devices and rooted.

3. Browsers with ad-block

With price is usually free. There’re a bunch of browsers with adblock. These browsers filter out most of at least the most offensive ad traffic or ad traffic. GoogleChrome has ad blocking, but it still shows the ads that’re the least offensive to the viewer while leaving some there so the site can still make money. We recommend that’s as a happy medium. Some other examples of web browsers with ad block include Firefox Focus, Brave Browser, Samsung Browser, Kiwi Browser, and some others have ad blocker add-ons like Dolphin Browser and firefox. Chose the one you think will do the best for you.

4. Block This

Block This isn’t the most common ad blocker app on the list. It’s free price. Moreover, it’s effective, completely free to use and open source. This app uses same VPN style setup that AdGuard and Adblock Plus use. However, Block This use DNS blocking instead of a filter. The developers claim this method uses less battery than standard ad blocker apps, because most of the work is done before the data reaches your android devices. There’re cons and pros to using this approach. For the present, we still recommend something like  an ad blocking browser or AdBlock Plus.

5. AdGuard

AdGuard is a bit of a wild card with free price or $24.99 per year . We had not heard much about it before doing this article, but it seemed to work okay. The app blocks ads same way as Adblock Plus. AdGuard runs as a service filters web traffic and in the background. It work without root, but it requires a bit about extra setup. It keeps tabs on all of web traffic similar to apps like GlassWire. You also get a great looking Material Design UI to put everything together. The free version ad blocks in web browsers only. The premium version runs for around $24.99 per month, but you get the premium version of Mac computer or AdGuard for your Windows PC.

6. Secure Family (Safe and Secure Browsing)

Secure Family (Safe and Secure Browsing) is a free app available in the play store. Secure Family blocks all kinds of popup-up ads,  ads video ads, banner ads, be it on Facebook or Youtube, or any of your favorite App. Secure Family works on all the games, all the browsers, and any website you visit.

Secure Family (Safe and Secure Browsing) also blocks inappropriate content, videos like offensive and images, dangerous, violent content, pornographic, harmful to minors, and disturbing images with blood and dead bodies.

Additionally, it includes a security layer that ensures your device is protected from Phishing, online malicious activity e.g., Spam, Malware distribution and VPNs, Proxies, and mixed-content sites…

Secure Family Protects your privacy by blocking all types of activity trackers websites that try to spy on you. Beside, it helps you save your internet datas, and make your browsing experience faster.

7. Ad Detector

Ad Detector is common for blocking for personal information collecting ads that prompt and display. The user can input the said information. Ad Detector functions both an ad blocker and a privacy information protector for your devices.

Ad Detector does a great job of identifying information leaks that could the ad is displayed within an app. Like Ad Detector, not all ad blockers apps are common for keeping them safe and protecting personal information .

But Ad Detector is one of them with available on the play store. Ad Detector takes the Best Ad Blocker for Android Free App.

There are some ways to get ad block on your Android device but you can try it and the best apps to ad block for Android.