Nowadays, it appears as there’s nothing you can’t do with your cell phone, from skimming on the web to paying for goods, taking pictures to mess around. You can even play different types of games in your android phones. However, GBA games are very popular and charming among people to enjoy their leisure. If you are interested to play GBA games but don’t know how to play them, this article is for you.  Please keep reading to know the details.

How to setup GBA emulators

 If you have an android phone on your hand, and you have decided to play GBA games, you need two things to do so. However, you need an emulator and a ROM to start your journey.

First of all, you need to open your Google Play Store on your device. Then search for a GBA emulator. When it comes to choosing an emulator, you’ll find many of them are stored in the play store. You should think which is a good option and how can you get the best from it. We usually recommend the MyBoy emulator to start your GBA games. Why is it? Well, we’ve found many positive reviews on it and many gamers love to use this emulator.

But you can do your own research to choose from the list. Once you click the install button, it will take a couple of minutes for the installation. When you’re done with the emulator installation, you need to search for GBA ROMs to download in your android device. Here, you will also find several websites to do so. To download ROM, you need to go for a web search than Google Play. Please don’t worry. You’ll find them as free materials. Nut, make sure that you are downloading it from a good site.

Once you download it, you have all the files that you need to start playing the GBA games. Just open your emulator and tap on the ROM files from the download section. Now, you are got to go. Keep an eye on your android device. There will be some buttons that are appeared on your device screen. If they are not shown, you can change the settings to make them more visible on your android phone.

Great! You have GBA in your android device and start enjoying these more popular games. Suppose, you have started your game, but you need to do some urgent work at that time. No worries at all. There is some conventional console that has more options to let you pause your game to start it again later from that moment.

I think you have enough knowledge on how to play GBA games on your android devices. If you have tablets, you can follow the same instructions to download an emulator and GBA ROM in your android platform.

Now you guys are well aware of how to play GBA games on my Android. The Next thing is How you can Download GBA ROMs, So for the Visit