With the summer here, most people are looking for any way to get out of their houses and into the fresh air. Using hybrid bikes for women or men is an excellent option for cruising and enjoying the outdoors. Finding good electric bikes is easier today than ever before because of the number of manufacturers and sellers, but many people are concerned about the damage that may come to an electric bicycle. Therefore, it is essential you know how to care for them and clean them.

Check Your Manual

The first thing you need to do before washing your electric fat tire beach cruiser is to check the manual for the bike. The manual should explain the cleaning process for your particular model, but if it doesn’t give precise instructions, it should at least tell you what not to do. Most bikes cannot handle pressure washers or car washes. Instead, you need to use gentle water flows, like from a hose.

Remove the Display and Battery

Regardless of how you wash your bike, there are certain components that you will not want to get wet. The display and battery are two pieces that are fragile. While both parts are meant for outdoor use, they cannot handle an extreme amount of water. Therefore, you should remove both pieces before you wash your bike. If the display cannot be removed, then cover it.

Support the Bike

You will also want to support the bike so it is easier to clean. While every bike comes with a kickstand, it is often easier to flip the bicycle upside down. The handlebars and seat provide a wider support base. You will also need to pay more attention to the underside of things anyway, so flipping the bicycle over makes sense.

Use a Hose and Washcloth

Most electric bikes can handle the pressure from a standard hose. However, if you are not comfortable spraying your bike down with a hose, you can use a washcloth and a bucket. You will want to find a gentle cleanser for your bike and wash it all down. Be sure to dry it thoroughly.

Use Bike Degreaser

You may also need to use a bike degreaser to remove some dirt and grime build up in the nooks and crannies of the machine. Your pedals and gears get gunked up over time, so simply spraying them down does not always work.

Use Brake Cleaner

Brakes are vital to any bicycle, but especially an electric bike that can pick up significant speed. Brake cleaner helps to ensure that your brake system remains in good working condition for the life of your bike.

Washing an electric bicycle is not much different from washing a standard bike, but you need to be cautious around several of the fragile components, which is why it is best to remove them first. Do you have an electric bike? Do you want one? Contact local retailers to find out the benefits of hybrid bicycles and talk with a store clerk to discuss the cleaning process.