Arouse the curiosity in being a guest of a brand on Instagram. With the guidance of Insta Private Viewer, experience the joy of browsing through appealing posts! Turn into a follower afterward.

Create a Post for a Holiday

It is a reality holidays like Christmas and the New Year are perfect occasions to post on Instagram personally and for business! This shares the joy of celebrating a fun-filled holiday! Traffic to an account can rise exponentially when the owner is active on this type of day. Come up with interesting hashtags for the holiday. Examples are #USElections and #BlackFriday.

Holidays go beyond national ones. A guest can use a private insta viewer to see posts for social media holidays. For instance, there are celebrations for Earth Day and Superbowl. Trends like #ThrowbackThursday and #MondayMotivation can also appear. No matter whom the guests and followers are, posts like these exist. The fondness for a certain beverage can have a post about it.

Trending hashtags are popular in the fashion and tech industries. Guests who see them with a private Instagram viewer can generate similar ideas for their posts. The creation of these hashtags can produce more traffic to the account. It is especially helpful when the purpose is for business. When the post appears on this type of holiday, the owner can expect more views!

User-Generated Content (UGC)

The great advantage of having many Instagram followers is encouraging them to post their ideas on the account! Experience the benefit of this type of post in running out of things to share. By seeing content from different people on a business account, create a fun community on the platform! At the same time, engagement rises with awesome ideas!

Experts say 70% of the reach comes from this form of content when it is for a business. Original graphics from followers who use a product can show pleasant experiences with it. These are powerful to attract more followers! Guests looking with an Instagram viewer will also have the joy of appreciating them. Social media posts coming from followers can catapult brand awareness.

For UGC to succeed, the brand has to create trending hashtags for the posts. The set of hashtags is original and exclusive for the business. Putting a community hashtag on the profile does wonders! Along with it, include a call to action for the followers. However, it is part of social media etiquette to seek the owner’s consent before reposting on another platform.

An appealing post receiving many likes and commentscan go viral! On Instagram, it can spark a pleasant conversation. Followers appreciate replies to their comments on posts. It is also suitable to send a private message to the follower who gave a great comment. In posting UGC on this medium, the business can observe how engagement among followers goes up!

Give a Contest

Part of business promotion for awareness is giving a contest on Instagram! This is delightful when followers have reached a certain number. With proper planning and ideas for it, tease the patrons of what they can have afterward.

Business representatives who make Instagram posts can practice these ideas. As time passes after a post appears, observe the engagement. Take note of the effective ones.