Tech companies retain a high reputation as one of the most desirable places to work in terms of positive culture, career growth, additional perks, and more. However, there is a misguided notion of tech companies only having technical roles to fill – which usually includes software engineers, data scientists, big data analysts, and such.

Luckily, this isn’t the case. Even in a Professional Mobile app development company that strictly deals with the development of web and mobile applications, there are multiple non-tech roles available driving the company forward. The hiring base has diversified indeed, and Glassdoor has the necessary stats to prove this claim.

Via Glassdoor

The figure shows the jobs posted by tech companies on Glassdoor, and nearly 43% of those are non-tech, which makes it around 53,000 jobs that are open for you to avail.

So what are those non-technical roles that are in demand within the tech industry? We listed them down for you to consider your next big job opportunity in one of the most lucrative industries of today.

  1. Business Developers

Business development requires a person who loves to build new relationships, explore potential mutually-beneficial partnerships, and has excellent negotiation skill. Why? Because in order for a software product to be successful, you cannot rely merely on sales and marketing teams alone – this is where a business developer joins hands with other organizations to deliver best user experience.

In addition to optimized customer experience, business development partnerships help access new markets, increase sales within the existing markets, and gain access to additional technology resources.

So if you have the vision to create the right partnerships for your tech firm and its product, then this role will suit you best.

  1. Tech Recruiters

As discussed, the realm of tech is ever-expanding, churning out various open positions every day. Similarly, the talent pool isn’t shrinking either. So keeping this in mind, imagine a large number of tech recruiters that are required to propel the talent-hunt and streamline the process making sure the best of the best get on board.

From scouting online, conducting phone screens, and then persuading the ‘chosen ones’ to sign the contract isn’t anybody’s game. It requires dedicated recruiters that know the drill well. Apart from the nitty-gritty work, much research and impressive interpersonal skills also go into the whole spectrum.

One minute you will be meeting hiring managers to understand their needs, and the next you might be negotiating with a finalized candidate. Moreover, tech recruitment will give you diverse roles to recruit for, so there is no monotony or boredom that is usually attached to such a position.

So if you have the interpersonal skills to strike a great impression on the prospects and the talent to search for the right people – then you can go for recruitment positions open in tech companies and software houses.

  1. Product Marketers

Another non-technical person that plays a vital role in the tech industry is a product marketer. What is a tech firm without a great product that solves one or more problems of the targeted consumers? This is where product marketing comes in.

Although by its name it usually indicates marketing the finished products. However, the duties of a product marketer start early on – from conducting online and physical research of what might be required next by the consumers, asking the right questions to compiling the report.

Once the necessary information is gathered to materialize the idea into a successful functional product – the product marketers then forward the details to the teams responsible for furthering the process to development phase, so on and so forth.

So if you have the passion not just for marketing the tech product but also initiating the necessary components required to compile a great product idea, then this is the job role you can target.

  1. Sales Developers

Tech products have high chances of success in the market, especially if the idea is innovative and problem-solving. However, even in a technology-centric world, these products need a strong sales team promoting the product, ensuring conversions, product visibility, and generating quality leads in terms of customers.

Sales development is a fast-paced field, and only the toughest and the most determined make it to the top with solid results to show for their efforts. Moreover, tech sales have its challenges, but if you have the passion for making winning packages among the customers, then this is the role you should apply for in a tech firm.

So what are you waiting for?

It is quite evident that tech careers have branched out to various roles that are not necessarily technical, as mentioned above. So if you have been in one of these fields working in a non-tech industry, all you need it to shift the dynamics to tech along with streamlining your skills accordingly – and you are good to go.

Research the job descriptions that match your experience and skillset and target those firms. Good luck!