The Emirates is one of the richest and most interesting countries in the world. To see at least a small part of the sights, it is recommended to rent a car. The UAE is a country with a very hot climate, so walking through the streets of the city can be extremely uncomfortable and can even lead to heat stroke. Taxi drivers’ services are not always convenient to use. And it’s not easy to figure out the schedule of public transport.

Reasons why you definitely need a rental car in Dubai

Anyone can rent a car, with a bank card and an international driver’s license, which must be issued in advance. It does not take much time, and also saves you from worries about depreciation, maintenance, and insurance. It is not always convenient to use private transport. You can choose this option while traveling or on business trips using Hiring a car is fast, convenient, and inexpensive. The benefits of car rental have long been proven, but in the case of car rental in Dubai, and indeed in the UAE, these benefits are even more obvious. And there are some reasons for this.

Complete freedom of movement

If you want to see as much as possible in a limited time, combining beach holidays, sightseeing, shopping, and relaxation, the best solution would be to rent a car. Visiting neighboring emirates will also be easily possible.

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The ability to go on excursions that sometimes are not possible without a car

Excursion programs for every preference are available from UAE tour operators. Nevertheless, the cost of many excursions can be prohibitively expensive. Frequently, travel agencies impose extra services on clients, resulting in not only an increase in the cost of the tour, but also a loss of time.

A tourist, without a tour bus, can only visit the attractions within walking distance of the hotel. The availability of a personal car allows tourists to independently select and plan an excursion route.

Possibility to save money

A car in the Emirates is a great opportunity for many tourists to decrease their holiday expenses. Rent is low, but it enables you to avoid paying for taxis on arriving and departing, plan your own excursions, rent a hotel room that is not on the first line, and go for souvenirs to shopping malls rather than small shops near hotels and the embankment.

As a result, the car rental is fully offset by the savings on other expenses. At the same time, the journey becomes more pleasant and eventful. Furthermore, gasoline is very cheap in the UAE, so if you follow the rules of the road, renting a car will fully justify itself.

Possibility to save time

By private car, you can visit many unique places in the Arab Emirates and at the same time not waste time collecting tourists at hotels, stopping at shops where merchants impose their goods, and other unnecessary details. For example, a bus tour includes a lot of excess and involves visiting the Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi in 40 minutes, which is very difficult, because it is the main attraction of the city. Tourists who are not tied to the program can admire the architecture and decoration of the building as much as they want, taking pictures in any places.

Intuitive markings and signs

Driving in Dubai and other major Emirates urban centers is easy and convenient. The roads have an excellent surface, markings, and signs. Furthermore, almost all rented cars come with navigators, so you can easily select the perfect attraction, store, or hotel.

The availability of free parking spaces

When making a reservation for a room at the hotel, guests are also given a free parking space. You can leave your car for free near shopping malls, restaurants, and tourist destinations. There are also plenty of free parking spaces in the city center. Even in paid parking, the cost of services is low. Parking fees are much less expensive than fines in the absence of this payment.

Make your holiday unforgettable!