If you plan on designing Christmas cards with photos, the process involves a lot more than just picking the right images. Keep the following tips in mind for the best photo christmas cards.

Use a Big Picture

Consider using one large photo at the front instead of multiple tiny ones. If you need to include small photos, put them in the back or inside the card. The front should be clear and free of clutter. The picture at the front should be your best one.

Get Inspiration

If you are unsure of what you want, consider looking at other Christmas cards. Think about their quality, designs, themes, and price. Looking at several options will help you make a decision that suits your needs.

Show the Faces

Even though landscape photos are great, your loved ones would be happy to see your face and those of your family. Avoid including random people in the photos. The faces on your holiday card should be personal.

Share Family News

Your Christmas cards are great for sharing family news. Even though your family is beautiful, do not use your Christmas cards as a gallery for their random photos. Use them to let your loved ones know what you have been up to. Consider including a short note on the card to share some news.


Your Christmas card should be a reflection of your family and its values. Customize it to suit your style. Common customization options include:

  • Pick a design that you like
  • Use creative shapes
  • Choose color options that match your preference
  • Work with creative themes

Use High-Quality Photos

Always use professional photos for your Christmas card. It is pointless to waste time trying to design the perfect card when you have a poor-quality, low-resolution photo. The quality of your photo has a significant impact on the quality of your card. The best time to take your outdoor photo is about an hour before sunset or after sunrise. If you plan on taking indoor photos, it is the brightest time of the day.

Consider Your Entire Family

Your Christmas card should cover the interests of your entire family and not just you. If, for example, you have children, remember to include all of them. If one family member has had major achievements throughout the year, it is easy to focus on them and forget the others.

Dress for the Photos

Before taking your Christmas photos, think about your room and style and dress to match. If, for example, you will be having a simple and minimalistic background, your wardrobe should be simple as well.

Be Timely

Do not wait too long to send out your Christmas cards. If you wait until the holiday season is over, your card may not make sense. The best time to send out your Christmas cards is two to three weeks before Christmas.

In conclusion, designing a Christmas card does not need to be difficult. The most important things to consider include the quality of your photos and the representation of your family.