Maths is a subject that shares a love-hate relationship with students. Many say it is very easy, while some dread this subject. But Maths is definitely a scoring subject, and if you grasp the concepts thoroughly, it becomes a piece of cake. Another advantage of Maths is that scoring full marks are easier, which means it will enhance your chance of getting good grades in the overall examination.

Class 9 Maths is a crucial stage where it is very important to be able to balance the study pressure and perform well. Also, it acts like a preparing phase where you get accustomed to the way of learning that will be needed to do well in board exams the following year. So, keeping your concepts clear from this period itself is very important. And, we are here to make things easier for you. Keeping these below tips in mind, while you prepare for class 9 Maths will not only help you score well this year but next year too.

Know Your Syllabus In Details

First, know your syllabus completely. You must know what portions are included in the syllabus and which topics are important. Also understand, where you should focus more and how many chapters and exercises for each chapter are present in the book.

Refer Books Other Than Your Textbooks

The more books you refer to, the more your concepts will improve. You will be able to practice more number of problems, thereby navigating through the variety and thus will be able to attempt any and every question in the exam with confidence.

 Clear Your Concepts

When it comes to Maths, it all depends on the theorems, concepts and formulas. You must know all the theories, concepts and formulas properly. If you are not clear with the theories and you don’t know the formulas by heart then it will be difficult for you to solve the sums.

Practice Regularly

Only knowing the concepts and theorems won’t do. To do well in maths, you must be able to understand and apply the concepts, theorems and formulas properly while solving equations and other sums. And for this, you will have to practice regularly without fail, as practice will make you perfect.

Do Self Study

Apart from your school studies and homework, you must make a proper schedule for self-study. For instance, you can study from six to nine in the evening every day. This will also give you time to finish your homework and enjoy leisure time once you are back from school.

Spot Your Weak Points

If you feel you are lacking in certain areas of the subject, then you must work extra hard to improve those areas specifically. You can refer to different books, practice the same questions several times, seek guidance from teachers and parents in order to make yourself more confident in those areas where you lag.

Make Notes

You need to be very specific with the notes that you make for yourself while you self study. This will help you keep the formulas and theorems handy and you can refer and memorize every now and then. Also, these notes will help you during your exams as you will be able to quickly revise the chapters at a single glance and not miss out on any important topic.

Solve Exam Papers And Practice Sets

One of the key factors of preparing for Maths Class 9 is repeated solving of previous years’ question papers and sample papers. This will broaden your idea of what type of questions you are going to face in the examination and also in your boards. This will give you an edge as to how you must practice and proceed with your preparation in order to strengthen your base in mathematics as a whole.

Assess Yourself

You must be able to assess yourself and track your progress to keep a record of how you are proceeding in your Maths preparation. For this, you can also take tests by yourself by setting a timer and solving a random maths paper and marking yourself after honestly answering the questions on time

Be Organized

Every preparation needs proper organization and self-discipline. You need to prepare a timetable and an eating-sleeping studying schedule for yourself so that you fall into a system where you are disciplined and highly motivated to study on time.

Brush up on your presentation

Apart from being clear in your concepts, you must also know how to present your answers in an answer script and impress your examiner. A lot of it depends on your presentation skills, which can change your grades to a good extent. You must also be very particular about the writing style, the handwriting, neatness, mentioning of the theorems and formulas used, tidiness, etc and make your paper approachable to the eyes. This will make it easier for the examiner to understand whatever is written and you won’t unnecessarily lose marks.

Have A Proper Lifestyle

Alongside a study schedule, it is equally important to have a proper lifestyle. This includes a proper diet and a good sleep cycle. This will automatically induce energy and a positive mindset in you. It will also increase your productivity to a huge extent. You must lead a healthy life in order to achieve something great in your life.

As a student of Class 9, if you keep in mind these few tips, and follow these diligently then you will surely develop a very strong base in maths, and also be able to shy away from the fear of maths if you have any.

You will gain confidence and eventually, you will excel not just in class 9, but also in your boards and in the further course of your studies. It is recommended that you go through all the tips and understand your shortcomings and start working accordingly at the earliest.

Maths might turn into one of your biggest strengths and you might also end up loving maths as a subject if you practice regularly. So, do not come under pressure, work calmly, avoid anxiety and stress. All the best!