Editing, re-editing video from simple to complex such as video collage or more advanced adding effects to the video will increase the attractiveness to the viewer. To be able to do those things, we need to use video editing software on computers. Currently many video editing software also includes video collage feature, or you can also use specialized software to trim video with outstanding features. The following article will introduce you to some video cutting software on your computer.

Synthesis of video cutting software on the computer

1. Camtasia Studio

This is a multi-function software with many different functions from recording screen video on Camtasia, changing video volume on Camtasia and cutting video collage. Users can choose the video they want to cut and then merge another video into, or choose to merge 2 videos running at the same time on the video screen. Video collage operations on Camtasia are very simple, just choose the right video to cut.

After editing is complete you can insert text into the video on Camtasia or add other details and effects to the video. The output video has many different formats, supports exporting on many devices, websites like standard sizes on YouTube. Readers can refer to 2 cut and join videos on Camtasia following the link below.

2. Format Factory

Format Factory is also a very familiar name to many people when looking for video editing tools or video conversion software. Format Factory features that are very rich, including the ability to cut and merge videos. We can cut video and then merge multiple videos into one with Video Joiner tool on the software. The video cutting and merging process is very simple, supports many video formats so we can use it comfortably. Read how to join video on Format Factory in the article How to join video files by Format Factory .

3. Boilsoft Video Joiner

Boilsoft Video Joiner supports users to merge multiple video files into one video without changing the quality and content of the video. The software supports current popular video formats such as AVI, MPEG, RM, ASF, WMV, 3GP, MKV, FLV or MP4 videos. We can cut video into small parts, change video extension after joining video with quick and easy way.

The software does not limit the number of videos paired together and you can change the order and position of the videos during the pairing process. Easy friendly interface is also a strong point of Boilsoft Video Joiner.

4. Xilisoft Video Cutter

Xilisoft Video Cutter is a powerful video cutting software that supports converting video formats after cutting and merging. The formats that the software supports today are very rich such as DAT, AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, 3GP, H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC, H.264 / PSP AVC, MOV, ASF … select the video to be cut by moving the timeline, or immediately enter the time to cut for Xilisoft Video Cutter to process the video. Cutting took place right after that.

5. Alon Video Joiner

Alon Video Joiner supports merging multiple videos into one complete video, supports many formats such as AVI, MPEG / MPG, MP4, MOV, RealMedia and WMV / ASF. The video cutting feature is also available on Alon Video Joiner so that users can choose the video they want, then merge multiple videos together without having the same format. As long as the user chooses the output format for the new video, the software will automatically convert the videos in the process of converting to the selected format.

Above are some professional video cutting software on the computer. Most of the formats support popular video formats today, so it is very convenient for users to process video.

Hope this article is useful to you!