If you want to start your own website and you don’t have any knowledge of coding, WordPress is the way to go. It is one of the most popular website platforms on the planet just because it provides functionality through a user-friendly interface.

 However, even though you can apply a Theme and have your website ready, you still need WordPress plugins to unlock its true potential. Plugins are pre-made codes that apply to your website by clicking a few buttons. They provide some essential functions that are necessary for building a successful website, and you cannot imagine a WordPress website without them.

Let’s find out what are the top plugins for WordPress this year.

Best plugin for SEO:

Yoast SEO

There is no doubt about the importance of SEO on websites nowadays. It is the primary source of organic traffic for most of the sites. SEO actually means that you need to optimize your website in order to achieve a better rank on search engines.

Yoast SEO is an incredible plugin that will help you improve the quality of your content and achieve a better rank, all through simple guides that you should follow. It uses the latest SEO tools that scan your content in order to find a way to improve it. It will help you focus on keywords, writing style, article structure, meta description and so on. This is one of the most essential plugins that every website should have.

Best plugin for security:

Wordfence Security

You need to take website security seriously right from the start. Cybercrime is continuously rising, and more websites are being hacked every day. Adding an extra layer of security through a WordPress plugin is a great way to protect your data.

Wordfence is one of the leading security plugins available for WordPress. This plugin offers extensive protection through Firewall protection, IP blocking, malware scan, login security, live traffic monitoring, and much more. The plugin can even sense when your website is under attack and block the user from accessing it. It is a must-have plugin for your website.

Best plugin for Analytics:

In order to know how your website performs in the real world, you need data analytics. It is necessary that you analyze data from users in order to improve some sections of your page, find your target audience, or see what content users like to read.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights is one of the greatest plugins for WordPress and it will help you understand your traffic even better. It can track various real-time stats, as well as universal tracking, demographic reports and interests, accessing platforms and much more. It is basically tracking every movement on your website and provides you with valuable data. It is a must-have plugin in order to create a successful website.

Best plugins for website performance:

It is necessary to have a fast-loading website if you want to succeed in this competitive business. Nowadays, websites that load more than 2.5 seconds are considered as slow websites. Fortunately, there are great plugins that can boost your website performance.

W3 Total Cache

Getting this plugin should be your number one priority after you’ve set up your website. Caching websites is one of the best ways to improve website performance. Caching means that website data is stored temporarily in the user’s browser, and next time they would try to access your website it will load much faster.

W3 Total Cache is one of the best plugins for this job. It has a lot of tools such as database caching, object caching, page cache, browser caching, and much more. It also has options to minify and HTTP compression that can save bandwidth up to 80%. This will significantly improve your website performance.

WP Smush

Large media files, usually images, are the things that weigh down your page making it load slowly. In order to compress images without losing any quality, you need to install the WP Smush plugin. This plugin can optimize your images which will compress them into smaller files. This will save you a lot of storage space and your website will load much faster.

These are some of the must-have plugins when you start your WordPress website. They all provide great tools and options for you to choose from, similar to BestAppBet.com, where you can choose different betting options to suit your taste.  Since they have great features it is a shame not to use them to your advantage.