Desserts are love. And when it comes to your boyfriend, sharing desserts would be a great idea. Numerous reasons for sharing desserts with your boyfriend are there. Whether he is angry with you, not talking to you, sad or happy, you can share desserts with him to show love. Even without any reason, you can give him some desserts while watching movies or spending time together. In terms of desserts, cakes are incredible. If you stay in Jalandhar, then how about trying cake delivery in Jalandhar? That way, you will get doorstep delivery, and your boyfriend will be surprised. Some of the delicious desserts that you can share with your boyfriend are as follows:

Chocolate fudge

The creamy and delightful chocolate fudge is all you need to make your boyfriend happy. You can make some delicious chocolate fudge at home without any effort. The combo of sugar, butter, chocolate, and milk turns out to be a delightful and beautiful dessert. You can make it and then surprise your boyfriend while doing something fun with him. You can eat the chocolate fudge while watching series or playing games or can give it to him as a gift.

Chocolate fondue

Another delicious dessert to give to your boyfriend is a chocolate fondue. Sharing it will be both sweet and romantic. You can start preparing chocolate fondue and buy some dippings such as strawberries, other fruits, marshmallows, etc. You can have a proper meal and then have chocolate fondue or can even feed your boyfriend the delicious treats with your hands. He will love it.

Chocolate mousse

For the boyfriend who loves chocolate, nothing would beat chocolate mousse. This is a delicious sweet treat, and your boyfriend will love it. Who wouldn’t love this frothy and smooth chocolate mousse? Even making it is not complicated. You can easily make it and put it in the fridge to enjoy this delicious and chill dessert with your boyfriend and enjoy your day.

Waffle ice cream sandwich

Waffles are delicious, and so is ice cream. Now, when these two are combined, a fabulous dessert takes place. You would have heard about the waffle ice cream sandwiches. You can buy it from any place as waffle ice cream sandwiches would be available in most stores. Thus, when your boyfriend is spending time with you, buy some waffle ice cream sandwiches and share them with him. You both can even have a competition of who can eat it first.

Ice cream sundae

Ice cream sundaes are delicious whether you make it at home or go out to have some. You can go out to an ice cream parlour with your boyfriend and treat him to some ice cream sundae or make one at home by yourself. 2-3 scoops of ice cream would do the magic along with some delicious syrups and tasty toppings like some fruits and cherries. Thus, sharing a yummy ice cream sundae with your boyfriend would be a perfect idea.

Chocolate lava cake

Chocolate lava cake, or you can also call it molten chocolate cake, is a yummy dessert that one must try. If you want to try a mixture of soufflé and chocolate cake ingredients, try chocolate lava cake. Sharing chocolate lava cake with your boyfriend would be perfect. He will love this yummy treat which melts quickly in the mouth leaving behind the lingering sweet and delicious taste in your taste buds. Thus, share a chocolate lava cake with your boyfriend in any occasion.


Cupcakes are cute and delicious desserts that anyone can try. You would notice different types and flavours of cupcakes present in almost all the bakeries or cupcake stores. You can even get it online or bake one at home. Baking gives you the option of decorating it the way you want. These delicious little delicacies are a perfect dessert to share with your boyfriend, especially when he’s angry with you.

Chocolate truffles

These yummy little chocolate truffles are all one needs to have some sweetness in their lives. These are chocolate ganaches covered with loads of chocolates, sprinkles, loads, and some other ingredients. Your boyfriend will love having these with you. Thus, you can get a box full of chocolate truffles and share them with your boyfriend and enjoy your time together with some sweetness.


Thus, whatever your boyfriend’s mood is, you can share some desserts with him to make him happier. Moreover, he will like your efforts. You can either buy or make the treats mentioned above for him and then share while together. If not, then you can give it to him after wrapping up the dessert nicely.