You were injured in an on-road mishap in Philadelphia because of the other driver’s sheer negligence. Can you sue them for your losses? The answer is not simple, at least in Pennsylvania. This is a choice no-fault state. If you had purchased no-fault insurance coverage, you must file a claim with your insurer. Confused? You should consider seeking legal help. In this post, let’s discuss seven benefits of hiring Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys.

  1. They can evaluate your case (for free!). Most injury law firms in the state offer a free case assessment for potential clients. If you are wondering whether you have a valid claim, meet an attorney without paying a hefty fee.
  2. They have the experience. No injury attorney can promise an exact outcome for your case. However, they have the experience and expertise to explain the possible outcomes. You can get rid of the guesswork involved.
  3. They work on a contingency fee. If you are worried about the cost of lawyering, remember that injury attorneys work on a contingency arrangement. The lawyer only gets a fee when you win.
  4. They can negotiate for you. Insurance companies are infamous for their tactics and ways. The claims adjuster will want to settle your claim for less, and with a lawyer working on the case, you don’t have to worry about negotiations.
  5. They can help with expenses. Many injury attorneys help clients with expenses related to fighting the legal battle. From the investigation expenses to court fees, they can pay the small amounts until you win.
  6. They can file a lawsuit. What happens when your insurance claim is denied? Or the other party denies their role? You can file a personal injury lawsuit in court. There is a deadline for such lawsuits, and an attorney can help with all that.
  7. They can offer support & confidence. Having an injury attorney on your side is the best way to reduce your stress. After an accident, you need time to recover and heal, and it’s best to leave the legal work to an expert.

Final word

Not all injury attorneys in Philadelphia are the same. Hire an attorney who has worked on cases that are similar and can represent you in court if needed. Don’t shy away from talking about the costs and expenses along with your rights and legal options. Find an attorney for your case now and discuss the key aspects.