The role of an insurance broker in Bengaluru involves consulting the clients to understand their needs and requirements, then advising them on the correct and suitable insurance products, providing risk management solutions and then assisting them with the after sales service.

Insurance broker in Bengaluru acts as an intermediary between the insurance company and the customer in which the broker would assist the customer in selecting the right insurance product.

1. Consultants:

The role of insurance brokers in Bengaluru is to act as a consultant to the customer. They collect the information about the risk faced by the customer. All the details would be collected from the customer. The profile of the customer would be understood by the insurance broker in Bengaluru and then would provide consultation to the customer. Once the data is collected from the customers, then the next thing is to verify the data and provide correct insurance solutions. Insurance brokers are legally liable for the deficiency in Services provided by them which means that they can be sued along with the insurance company if they have suggested a wrong product to the customers.

2. Negotiation:

The other role of an insurance broker in Bengaluru is to engage in negotiations with the insurance companies to reduce the premium or make changes in the terms and conditions of the policy. The negotiations would be done on behalf of the customer with the insurance company. It is important to note that the insurance brokers are the best negotiators in the insurance market as they have an upper hand during the negotiation process when compared to the other forms of insurance intermediaries Visit here. Negotiation might be done in different stages and the customers would be benefited with the negotiation process. The negotiation skills of insurance brokers are far better than any other intermediaries.

3. Risk management solutions:

The other role of an insurance broker in Bengaluru is to provide risk management solutions to their customers. Insurance brokers provide risk management solutions to their customers based on their risk profile. For instance, if a customer is having liability risk, then the insurance brokers would suggest liability insurance. The risk management solutions are different for different customers. Insurance brokers provide customized risk management solutions to their customers as the risk profile varies from one customer to another. The risk management solutions are provided only by the insurance brokers and not by any other insurance intermediaries in the insurance market. This gives an edge to the customers dealing with insurance brokers as they can get risk management solutions at no extra cost.

4. After sales service:

The other role of an insurance broker is to provide after sales service to the customers. After sales service includes claims settlement service, endorsements etc. The satisfaction of any customer depends on the after claim service received by them mainly in case of insurance as insurance is a product whose value would be recognised only at the time of claim.