One of the biggest crypto platforms officially operating in Europe is WhiteBIT. It offers a full range of instruments for trading and investment wrapped in a comfortable interface which is intuitive even for beginner users. On WhiteBIT, it is possible to buy crypto using a bank card in just a few clicks and withdraw funds to a bank card, converting them into fiat.

Recently, the WhiteBIT crypto exchange issued its internal cryptocurrency – the WBT token. It is supposed to become a base for other blockchain startup developers using WBT as a reliable asset for deploying their products.

Today the WBT token delivers discounts for trading fees and access to additional products for its holders. The platform developers are working on more benefits and opportunities for token holders and the community.

You can buy WhiteBIT token on the WhiteBIT exchange, but soon WBT will also be available on other crypto platforms.

The total number of WBTs issued is 400 million; ½ of them are treasury. 78 million WBTs were sold and are now blocked for three months. They will be unlocked in portions during the next five months.

How to Use WBT?

WhiteBIT offers two options for token users:

  1. You can buy and own them. Owning the tokens delivers you discounts on trading fees within the platform.
  2. You can buy WhiteBIT token and hold it. It means locking your assets for some period. It brings some benefits, such as increased interest in the referral program (up to 50%), a portion of assets that can be withdrawn at zero fees, and many other advantages.

To purchase WhiteBIT token, you need to register on this exchange, pass the KYC verification, deposit funds to your balance from another exchange or a bank card, buy WBT, and move them to the Main balance if you are interested in holding your tokens on the exchange.

For more information about WBT tokens and up-to-date WBT USDT price, read the White Blog.