Nowadays, WhatsApp is in news for such an obvious reason. WhatsApp beta for Android has been updated and WhatsApp has brought support for a dark theme or ‘Night Mode’. It is getting very popular around the world; moreover, manufacturers are adding system-wide support for the same in first-party apps. Google is not falling behind in adding a dark theme to other apps such as YouTube and Contacts. Google is also going to support the same to Google Keep and Google Calendar apps as soon as possible. Before that, this support was limited to status pages and calls.

Recently, it was spotted to work in the Android beta version 2. 19. 139. Furthermore, the report says that Whatsapp will be calling it ‘Night Mode’. One report, by WABetaInfo, says that Night Mode dark theme has been enlarged on to other sections of the app as well. There are contact info page, group info page, and a particular page where you can create a group or start a new conversation. Early leaks state that implementation seems undeveloped in the group info page because it works only on the top half. On the other hand, bottom half still seems to be worked on.

WhatsApp beta latest version has also included 155 redesigned emojis for the purpose to make some cosmetic changes to the old emojis.

Most of the emojis will go to redesign from scratch; however, some emojis will see layout changes. There is no official statement stated by WhatsApp, still, the public rollout of new dark mode and emojis is expected soon in the coming weeks.

If you want to try out the unreleased whatsapp beta features, you may become a beta tester for WhatsApp using Google Play by below mentioned steps:

  • Just Search the WhatsApp on the Google Play Store.
  • Try to search this, “Become a beta tester”.
  • Just click on the “I am in” tab. Now click on “join’ button. From now onwards WhatsApp will push beta updates to your device.

SummaryWhatsApp beta latest version is very thrilling since it is going to provide its user best dark mode theme. This theme applies to all chats, call logs and contacts.