The popularity of baccarat as a casino game is no mystery. The game of baccarat has long been a favourite with many gamblers, especially seasoned casino players, including 007 James Bond, who loved to break the bank in Monte Carlo. It is simple to learn and play, with relatively few rules compared to other games. But for all its simplicity, baccarat can be complex and challenging – especially when it comes to winning consistently. This guide will teach you the basics of how to play baccarat and give you some tips on how to increase your chances of winning. So put on your best poker face and let’s get started!

In this game, cards 2-9 have face value, while 10s and picture cards are 10 (zero) and an ace is 1 point. The best hand is a score of 9, which could be cards 5-4, 6-3, 7-2 or 8-1; as an example, a player has 5+7 = 12 and the ten digit is dropped leaving a score of 2.

Three Betting Options

As a spectator, you can bet that the player or the banker will win, or you could bet on a tie, when both dealer and player have the same score. The banker has a slightly higher chance of winning and baccarat is the only casino game where you can bet on the house, which is why many people like this game. Whether you are playing online baccarat Singapore or bettors in other countries go for, you can watch without betting until you feel the time is right to place a bet.

Pay Out

If you bet the player and they win the hand, your stake money is doubled, whereas if you bet on the banker and they win, you receive 95% of the stake amount. If the result is a tie and you bet on that, you receive 8 times your stake money.

Here are some of the baccarat rules:

  • If the player or the banker is dealt 8 or 9, then both player and banker stand.
  • If the player’s first 2 cards add up to 5 or less, the player gets another card.
  • The banker hits on a total of 5 or less if the player stands.
  • Betting on a tie gives you 8-1 odds.

The casino provides pen and paper for players to record their results, which many players use to dictate their playing strategy.

Betting A Tie

The odds of 8-1 are a good reflection on the chances of the banker and player having the same score. Of course, it does happen and you might be lucky; some gamblers will bet tie every 4-5 hands, while others never go there.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can formulate a betting strategy while practicing; most player will follow their inner feeling and some can correctly predict the outcome for quite a few hands. There are several sets of rules for baccarat, depending on where in the world you are and you should familiarise yourself with the house rules before playing.

In For The Long Haul

People don’t play baccarat for a short period; most play for several hours or even longer and as there is no real strategy involved, this game is popular with high rollers. As there are 6-8 decks used in a shoe of cards, card counting is impossible. Most players follow runs, periods when they are winning (or not) to try to predict outcomes.

Baccarat is an intriguing game that captivates many and once you fully understand the house rules, you can experience the game through an online casino.