The question of online casino and slot site preferences is a serious one. Thing is, players want to be sure of what is the right way for them. They want to perfect everything about gaming, they want to perfect even the gaming experience. If you ask us, it is right to seek that because the more accurate and organised you are, the better your gaming experience – play at

So, wanting to know which one to go for between an online casino or a slot site, is not out of place at all and we’re here for you to put you through all that.

What is an Online Casino?

An online casino is a site where casino games are played. It’s like a virtual casino gaming centre or game house, it’s like a casino brought online. Online casinos are internet casinos, having all the features of traditional casinos and even more added features. All sorts of games are played on an online casino. From slot machines to poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Sic bolt, Keno, bingo, name it.  The advent of the internet made this possible, technology made it possible to have the casino experience without leaving your house, the mobile version even allows you to play on the go.

What is a Slot Site?

As the name implies, a slot site is an internet-based place where you play slot games. Majorly slot games are what you can find on a slot site and one advantage that stands out is that you can win very big in a short time. Types of slot games you can play on slot site include 3-reel classics, Multi-line slots, Bonus feature slots, Video Slots, Progressive jackpots.

Some examples of slot games you can play include – Valley of God’s, Egyptian treasures, Mega Moolah, Aztec’s Treasure, Break Da Bank Again, Dark Knight, Game of Thrones, Mega Fortune, Achilles, Gonzo’s Quest, the book of the dead, and so on.

What should you prefer between an online casino or a slot site?

The question here is a preference one and it depends on what you want as a player. If you’re looking for a place where you can play or have access to more than slot games an online casino is your best bet. Why? it gives you access to varieties of other types of games. However, if you’re not playing more than a slot game, you should stay put with a slot site because that’s your location for slot games. So, it all depends on you and what you want.

The summary of this

Both Online casino and Slot sites are used interchangeably sometimes to mean the same thing “a virtual based place where you can play games either for free or real money”. Yet from what you just read; they share a major difference. Slot sites is an abridged version of Online Casinos. It has been narrowed down to be made for slot games whole online casinos encompasses every type of game you may ever want to play.