Memories ought to be captured for a lifetime.

After all there are events that only happen once and so, they should be cherished. Smartphones smartly capture your memories in the photos and videos. Some of these might not be the memories that you would be comfortable in sharing with everyone. This is when you would need a tool that can help you hide the photos and videos that you don’t want to share with everyone.

And, Keep Photos Secret is one such tool. It is infact one of the most popular tools on both Android and iPhone. Once you have the tool inside your smartphone, no one will be able to surpass your phone without a password or a fingerprint unlock. The best part is that the app is available for both Android and iOS.

Let’s evaluate the app inside and out and find out if its actually trustworthy and if it can actually keep your photos secret.

  • Interface

Interface is an important aspect of any app. What makes or breaks the app is the interface. The interface positions the menus and other functionalities in an easy manner. So much so that the user knows exactly what a button or menu is supposed to do. With that respect, Keep Photos Secret does a great job. Keep Photos Secret has an extremely easy to use and attractive interface. All the options are well defined, and you will hardly have any issues in accessing the functionality whatsoever.

  • Fingerprint Unlock Apart From Password Or Pin Lock (Android and iOS)

Keep Photos Secret doesn’t just come with pin or password protection. You can even use a fingerprint lock as well.

If you think that someone might be able to get past your password or an intricate password can be hard to remember, worry not! You needn’t remember a complicated pin or password to get past your photos. You can now lock your phone using a fingerprint lock. In this way no one will be able to get through.

  • Safe Send (iOS)

Keep Photos The app has a feature that goes by the name Safe Send which helps you share personal photos and videos from within the app itself. In that way, you won’t have to switch to your photo gallery to send images or videos.

  • Double Layered Security (iOS and Android)

You can either lock the entire app using a 4-digit passcode or you can even choose to apply passcode to individual photo albums as well. With passcode comes the risk of forgetting it and as a prudent app, Keep Photos Secret has provisions for the same.

What if you forget the password or pin?

Even if you forget the password or PIN, you can retrieve it back using the password recovery option with the help of which a passcode will be sent on the email address which you might have registered when signing up for the app.

  • Stealth Mode ( Android)

No doubt, Keep Photos Secret is a great app but there could be times when you might have to answer hundreds of questions for why you have the app in the first place. The app has a stealth mode using which you can make the app disappear from the recent apps list. This way no one will ever be able to find, if the app was even there.

  • Best Photo Management And Viewing Tools (Android & iOS)

With Keep Photos Secret you can easily import and export photos from the gallery. It even gives you the option to copy hidden images to other albums as well. The app also gives you the option to present images in the form of slideshow.

Now, when you import the photos and videos from the gallery, the app asks you to delete photos in your gallery. It does this to ensure that the photos are only there inside the vault and nowhere else in the smartphone.

You can even copy hidden photos to all the other albums anytime and also limit the number of photos that can be imported and the number of albums that can be created.

  • Inbuilt Browser (iOS)

There is an inbuilt browser in the app using which you browse and then download all your favourite photos and videos from within the app itself. You can even watch locked videos from the same app.

Last but not the least, safety is of prime importance for Keep Photos Secret. The data that is stored inside the app is 100% private and is never uploaded on the app’s servers. With all the strategies in place, Keep Photos Secret leaves no stone unturned to keep your memories safe from prying eyes.

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