To gain more visibility in your podcast, SEO helps in a more compact and systematic way. If you are already on the path of a podcast or going to start soon, then knowing the inclusion of SEO Sydney to make it an SEO friendly podcast is going to help you in many ways. So how do you do it? Here are the ways discussed below that you can use to make your podcasts more SEO friendly with increased visibility and enhanced traffic:

Go Relevant: 

Staying relevant with the time and topic is the key to draw more attention from the viewers or listeners. Just like any written content like blogs, posts, add the trending topics to your podcast.

To find the relevant keywords for your podcast, go for a research survey on the trending topics or news on Google. Pick one and build your outline about the questions related to that topic. In the interview session of your podcast, asking such questions are going to boost the SEO to run a full-fledged SEO friendly campaign

Prioritize the Transcriptions: 

Transcribing is a super important task to include in your podcast program. The tediousness of the task depends on the length of the podcast episodes. 

There are multiple tools to edit and transcribe your podcast sound files. Edit the unnecessary sounds or mumbling from the sound file to make it more clear and readable for extracting the text. You can also edit and place the keywords to boost up the SEO. Moreover, the transcription helps in picking out a part of the text as the answers to the search queries. Based on the length of the podcast, it takes much time to do the transcription. However, it works as a useful medium to help your podcast rank at the top with better SEO boosting.

Develop A Podcast, Friendly Voice:

There’s no place for SEO ranking if the podcast voice of the interviewer or the guest has some speech problem or unclear ranking. Google fails to interpret possible keywords and phrases if the voice is unclear. While speaking on the mic, avoid mumbling or murmuring, and ensure a strong podcast voice to enhance the readability of the sound. Try to sit straight in front of the mic and speak with confidence to avoid unnecessary sounds and words that Google fails to interact with. An interesting voice with important and relevant topics is the key to stay on top of your goals.

Create Different Chapters: 

The more compact the structure of your podcast, the more it gets more visibility from the users. Using the chapter format makes listening easier for the audience. If you divide your podcast chapter wise, your listeners can easily find the answers they are looking for. This way, your ranking goes up. Presenting an easy framework for the entire podcast program by presenting the list of contents enhances the better chances for the audience to find out content based on their search for keywords.

This organized way of presentation is going to attract more viewers that get rewarded with better SEO. If you are following an interview format, then divide the new questions into the form of chapters to get better SEO ranking. 

Try to Maintain A Write-Up: 

Publishing a write up for each podcast on your website is going to give your listeners a basic idea about the topic before they hit the play button. This offers great readability to your page and, at the same time, boosts up the SEO. The inclusion of the proper keywords in the write-up, just like any other written content, draws more traffic to the website. Well, you still need to transcribe your podcasts as the write-up is going to show up as just the summary of your podcast.


Podcasts have always been an interesting way of showcasing your thoughts with your audiences. Making it SEO friendly helps it in a more organic way to increase the reach of your podcast. To stay on the top all the time, use all the possible means to feed the SEO part for better visibility on the search results.