You all have probably heard of hard water, but are you aware of the negative outcomes of hard water? Guys! Hard water causes negative effects and really worsens lives.

The high concentration of Calcium and Magnesium minerals are present in hard water which may cause adverse effects on your health and your home appliances!

You have heard that “Excess of everything is bad”, so the excess minerals aren’t good for you!

Hard water constitutes of magnesium and calcium salts usually present in a form 

Sulfates, bicarbonates and chlorides. Along with that ferrous iron may also be present which can cause your laundered outfits stained. As ferrous gets oxidized and becomes ferric which renders to the brown stains on your clothes.

So how can you overcome it? It’s pretty easy because water softeners (such as Fleck 56000SXT Softeners) are out there for you! Have your water softener, protect yourself and your family!

It is really mandatory to get out of this hard water dilemma because the condition sometimes gets out of hands!

So let’s have a look at the negative effects hard water can have on you and your family!

Skin Irritation & Hairloss

The hard water greatly affects the skin, which obviously makes your skin super-dry. Skin irritation is the initial sign that makes bumpy and dingy areas on your skin. 

No way you don’t want it. So adding to your knowledge these skin problems lead to Eczema which is due to the excessive presence of Calcium and magnesium minerals in water.

If your skin is feeling itchy then oh guys you have a hard water issue at your home. Time to get rid of it? What say? Yeah! A dizzying situation indeed. But you’ll deal with it I know.

Issues Your Skin Might Have Due to HardWater!

  • Inflammation
  • Dryness
  • Roughness
  • Blackheads
  • Pores Blockage

Issues Your Hair May Encounter

Taking a shower in hard water can cause a havoc for your beautiful hair. You might get shocked what devastating results can be, have a look at the following,

  • Hair Loss
  • Dandruff
  • Breakage of Hair
  • Thinning of Hair
  • Dry Scalp
  • Destroy your hair follicles

Malfunctioning of Home Appliances

Scale builds up on your appliances because of hard water, which leads to the malfunctioning of your refrigerator, tea kettle, coffee maker, washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters. 

These scale build-ups look like a chalky substance which is more likely to be a mineral deposit.

Stains on The Sinks and Bathtubs

Have you seen those crusty deposits and filmy scums in your bathtub and shower curtains? Yeah you know that’s why you are here! So your houseware is being demolished! Protect them with your sense of responsibility and employ water softeners at your home! 

Stop ruining your homes!

Clogged or Corroded Pipes

Increased levels of minerals in the water can give rise to major plumbing issues. Chalky deposits of hard water could clog your pipes which hinders the water flow, eventually causing the corrosion of pipes. 

Issues of Corroded Pipes

  • Clogged valves 
  • Water leakage
  • Steel Pipes Collapse
  • Regular Plumbing causes extra wear on the house

Your Water Bill Is Skyrocketing

Guys this is considerable seriously! Check out below how your water bill could get high,

  • Plumbing bill gets high
  • Waste of Soap
  • Corrodes Enameled Surfaces
  • Use of detergent increases
  • Water Stain Removal Remedies
  • Water flow is hindered through clogged pipes
  • Maintenance of appliances
  • Water Heaters become less energy efficient

So, it could be clearly seen that how hard water badly affects your life. No one wants to struggle with this extravagance. Get a water softener to reduce these kinda hurdles.

Abrasive Glassware

Your glassware gets brittle and easily damaged,  hard water makes them prone to breakage. It looks painful when you gotta remove the water stains from your glassware.

To remove water stains, a water softener is the most effective way to get your work done.

Laundered Clothes Gets Gray

Your beautiful outfit would get gray because all the vibrant colors would fade out. You guys gotta know that hard water isn’t going to spare your clothes.

The particles are hard on your flannel shirts and fancy outfits… You better check it out. Don’t spoil your laundered clothes and try water softener for it…

The Bottomline

Water softeners are made to assist you, I got your back… Yes, they are a bit expensive but the aforementioned reasons clearly depict that it is worth it to have one… 

You can’t be a victim of deception for so long as hard water will be affecting your wallets, your energy bills would also get higher as well….

We are not alone on this boat, this will have a negative impact on nature also which means your environment is in danger… and the environment is nearly gonna cracked up as the residues end up in drainage water…. 

The mountain of dumped appliances increases at a considerable rate and the fossil fuels get depleted drastically. So go safe with water softeners!