When you think about luxury yachts and pleasure cruising in Southeast Asia, Singapore always comes to mind as the hotspot for activity. Due to the combination that it is an island and that is home to many uber-wealthy people, the yachting and boating community in Singapore is immense. As a result, there are many used luxury boats for sale in Singapore that are perfect options for new boat owners or for a cost-effective upgrade.

The best place to find used luxury boats for sale in Singapore is on Sentosa island, the large inhabited island just south of the main island. Many of Singapore’s wealthiest families and people live on Sentosa Island. Because it is an island, and because most of the luxury homes and highrises are on the coast, many Sentosa residents have their own boats. 

Over the years, as international business people come and go, the market for used luxury boats for sale in Singapore has grown significantly. The constant turnover of wealthy foreign professionals who move to Singapore for a few years has created a situation where used luxury boats for sale in Singapore consistently change hands.

If you are in Singapore and have an interest in boating, here is some information to help you with your decision.

Why Buy Used? 

The reason for buying a used luxury yacht or boat is not too dissimilar from why you would consider buying a used car. Assuming the car is in good condition and runs smoothly, buying a used boat is a cost-effective solution.

New boat owners can find comfort knowing that there are plenty of used boats that feel just like new. They make great starter boats for any new owner who is looking to get their sea legs out on the open water. 

Because luxury boats are niche items and because luxury boat owners take exceptional care of their vessels, there is little risk in buying a used luxury boat for sale in Singapore. It is almost unheard of for a luxury boat to be sold and have there be some major issue that the buyer was unaware of. 

Where to Buy Used Luxury Boats for Sale in Singapore

Each of the many marinas on Sentosa Island has used boats for sale, as used boat sales constitute a lot of the business these marinas do. They will have a host of different brands and models available for you to choose the boat that fits you best.

It’s important to always buy a used boat from a marina, and even more important, to make sure that they have a proper reseller’s license or authorization from the manufacturer. If the marina you are buying your boat from is authorized by the manufacturer to sell, they will likely have staff and crew on hand to service your boat whenever you need it.