I have heard so many startups complain about the type of employees they hired. Employees fail their industry sometimes when they do, it may be a result of improper recruiting. Putting the best man in a position is the proverbial round peg in round holes, and doing otherwise causes the problem may cause your startup unending woes.

While some firms keep changing their employees, some complaint of the problems and continue to manage until things go haywire.

However, what are the steps in getting a good employee that your company will not regret having as time goes on?

Here are three things you can leverage on during recruitment.

Liaise With Recruitment Companies In Your Field

Some recruitment companies have specialization and know the best feet when a vacancy comes in. Unlike you, who may not be aware of latest trends your business may need in the future, recruitment industry are updated and can go extra miles in getting you the best employee for your industrial vacancy.

In my discussion with Ivy Mae, a recruitment specialist in one of the top 10 Job boards in India with in-depth knowledge of Railway Recruitment, he asserted that getting the best feet for a position is beyond having whole lots of certifications, that is the mistakes companies make.

“Recruitment agency knows how to combine certification with expertise, they can always see if a potential employee has the requisite to stay and turn things around in a jiffy.”

Let Other Companies Help You Out

Give room for other companies doing the same with you to come in and help you in the interview process. They know more than you do and can help you create a good pool of employees that will scale your startup through. They can determine excellent employeesand help in reviewing qualification and resumes.

Check Their Potential Through Social Media

Smart employees are very rear, and when you want one, check social platforms like LinkedIn. Some recruitment companies are very smart and check social platforms to know whom to employ. When you need a reliable employee, what that person writes on social media can give you a clue on what they will add to your industry. Select profiles and check those who are in your field and can perform better.

Recruitment is not an easy task, it involves more than I said here, but these three things are key.