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Everything You Need to Know About HR System in Bahrain

The human resource system is a part of Human resource software. It is made with a number of systems. Human resource software is specially made to help employees and management to reach their full potential.

What are some Great Resources for Human Resources Professionals?

Human resources professionals can face a tough time with the ongoing changes happening in the industry. At times a human resources manager himself might need to look for second opinions and not having a proper place to look for can be infuriating.

Is Your Startups Into Any Of These? If Not, You Need To Rethink

In many of my articles on startups, I have insisted that some startups are making big waves in our society because of what they...

An Interview with Patrick Saada

A Diamantaire’s Insight into an Ever-Changing Industry Trends may come and go, but a diamond’s beauty and appeal are constant. While this gem has withstood...