What comes to your mind when I put forward the place Jammu & Kashmir?

Anybody with sound knowledge about the worldly events would unfortunately recall “terrorism”. The reason being the way the place is portrayed and the major factor behind this is the constant never-ending conflict between the armed forces and terrorists. Very few would know the fact that J&K is labelled as “The Heaven on Earth” because of its scenic beauty.

The peace and normal way of life of citizens there has been put into jeopardy. A close look into the JKBOSE 12th results has highlighted the fact that due to such activities there has been a drop in the pass percentile of the students studying there. Majority of the youth recruited into the terror groups are the ones who do not find an alternative after their 12th.

The educational institutions have to remain shut for a decent span of time due to the unrest in the region.

The primary reason for such events is that the students and parents residing there are unaware of the number of academic options they are provided with, by the government. They are hence approached by the anti-social people to accelerate their cause. The government provides a number of scholarships for students of Jammu and Kashmir to help them get educated and help in restoring the peace in the region because everybody knows, education is the key.

There is a special scholarship provided to the residents of J & K who have done their schooling in their hometown under the Prime Minister Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS). The application for the scholarship begins in April and the main eligibility condition is the score secured in JKBOSE 12th results. The additional eligibility criteria and the remaining scholarship details are available on their official website.

The reason I highlighted the category of scholarship is that the anti-social groups target those whose monetary earnings are low and hence make them an easy target to lure in for boosting the anti-national activities. Any person with a chance of proper education would not turn his head into such activities and would rely on the proven fact that education is wealth. Candidates from poor families who would think that the education they dream is unaffordable would be given a chance to prove their mettle and strive towards their passion.

The prosperity of any state or nation is totally reliable on the educational reserves they possess, i.e. the students. It is high time that the government conducts awareness activities in regions like J&K stressing on the importance of education and the assistance provided on the side of the government. There would not be another thought from the side of students if they are guided in the right path and made aware of what has been allocated for them.

It is widely accepted that a person’s future depends on the paths they choose. It is high time the government takes steps in promoting their schemes because no matter how wealthy a nation is if there is active terrorism in the nation, its prosperity would be compromised. The recent turn of events has shaken the nation and it’s never too late to make some amendments in the way we approach the studying class of people with various options they have been provided with. Education helps us to march ahead together and no matter what shakes us, we would not wither.