Dressing up is not fun only for women but men as well. No matter how much you love your casual and formal looks with only a pair of trousers and shirt, a suit is necessary on many occasions. Men’s wardrobe is pretty limited, with only subtle hues of colours here and there. A suit will make your clothing stash more authentic and aesthetically pleasing. Fashion trends keep changing over time, but some garments never go out of style. A suit will always be what a gown is to a woman. A good-looking suit is enough to make a strong impression on anyone, be it your boss or someone special. Designer suits for men are available in various styles, sizes, and patterns. Let’s look at five types of designer suits that every man should own.

Single-Breasted Blue Suit

Designer suits for men are enough to sway any girl’s heart in a matter of a few seconds. Choose a single-breasted midnight or navy blue suit that will be your go-to suit for any day of the year. The most fantastic thing about this attire is that it goes well with your standard black belt and brown shoes or vice versa. Always go for a lightweight suit that will serve you well for any meeting or casual wedding event. See detail affordable linen suits!

Double Breasted Suit

We all want to look dapper and handsome. A double-breasted suit takes your dressing style to the next level. You will not be just another regular working man going for a boring meeting. These designer suits for men make a significant difference and showcase your confidence in dressing up. Opt for patterns or textures for a more impactful look in your workspace.

Single-Breasted Grey Suit

Coming back to single-breasted suits, another essential in a man’s wardrobe is a grey single-breasted suit. You can choose them any day over a regular black suit to bring more personality to your style statement. Nowadays, people are even sporting grey-coloured tuxedos at their weddings. Pair this designer suit for men with pastel-coloured shirts, pocket squares, and ties. This timeless suit will withstand the change in fashion trends with elegance. Hence, it is a must-have in your wardrobe.

Casual Suit

Suits are not just for a formal event! Casual suits are the new fashion trend that almost every man loves. A checkered or patterned suit goes well with your regular trousers with any t-shirt of any colour. Another fantastic thing is that you do not need to wear ties with them. Go for half-lined or linen in light grey, blue, or beige for your suit pattern.


If we are talking about designer suits for men, not mentioning a tuxedo will be a sin. The classic black tuxedo with a black bow tie and the plain white t-shirt has ruled the wedding industry for years. Now you have more options such as midnight blue tuxedos or dark grey jackets with changes in fashion. Every man needs one tuxedo in their life.


Designer suits for men are the most crucial part of a wardrobe. Hopefully, with this brief guide, you will now be able to shop for suits with much ease and clarity.