How To Sleep Better

Your sleep and wake pattern is controlled by a hormone called Melatonin that is controlled by light exposure. The human brain releases more Melatonin during the dark hours of the day, making you feel sleepy. Conversely, when there is light exposure, less Melatonin is released, and you become more alert or awake. Other aspects in life alter your body’s secretion of Melatonin, shifting your circadian rhythm.

Below are tips that can help you influence your exposure to light:

1- During The Day.

Use your morning hours for basking in the sunlight as much as you can. The best time to get bright sunlight is after you wake up. Normalize eating your breakfast by a sunny window or having your coffee outside. The light striking your face will help you wake up.

Get used to the idea of spending most of your time out in the sun during daylight. Exercise outside, enjoy your work breaks outside in the sun, and enjoy walking your dog during sunny hours instead of night hours.

Use large windows to allow as much as possible natural light into your workspace or home. Ensure your blinders and curtains are wide open during the day. Having your working desk closer to the window will do you good.

You should use a light therapy box if need be-this comes in handy during short winter days. The light therapy box helps simulate sunshine into the house.

2-During The Nights.

Within 1-2 hours of your bedtime, avoid bright screens as much as you can. The light emitted by your TV, computer, tablet, or phone is disruptive and a cause of sleeplessness.

Using light-altering software such as f.lux, turning the brightness of your gadgets down, or using devices with small screens are just ways to minimize the impact caused by the disruptive blue light.

Avoid watching television at night by all means. Night programs are stimulating rather than relaxing. In addition, light from TV screens tends to suppress the secretion of Melatonin. Audiobooks and listening to music can be a good alternative.

Avoid reading with backlit devices at all costs. Backlit devices are more disruptive than gadgets that do not have a backlit keyboard.

Ensuring the room is dark when it is time to sleep is essential. To block light from windows, use shades or heavy curtains or try using a sleep mask. Likewise, electronics that emit light should be well covered by blinders or using shades.

Invest in a comfortable mattress, Purple’s gel mattress feel fantastic and are sy=uer to help you to get a great night’s sleep.

If you get up during the middle of the night, consider keeping the lights down. A dim nightlight in the bathroom or hall will help you move around safely without hurting yourself. A small flashlight can also be helpful.

The tips mentioned above will make it easy for you to fall asleep.