Your skin is breaking out or itching and you are not sure what that is? Skin conditions can be confusing as they have obvious symptoms. They are generally related to an allergic reaction, genetics, aging, and hormones. It is important to know about common skin conditions so you can get treated properly. In this article, we are going to discuss common skin conditions that can affect your skin.

1. Acne

Acne is the most common skin disorder in the entire world. Sometimes it is a source of anxiety as no one likes acne. It is caused due to blocked oil glands and hair follicles. Thus, it generally occurs in teenagers. The term acne is not limited to pimples only. You can also nodules, cysts, and blackheads. Acne can happen in other parts of your body also. It is common in the chest, face, and back.

Acne treatment is very important. If you are not getting proper treatment, then your acne can lead to dark facial spots and permanent scars. A dermatologist can help you in solving this problem. They will suggest creams that can help you in treating acne.

2.    Atopic dermatitis

An atopic dermatitis is a form of eczema. It is very common in children. Currently, no one knows the exact reason behind it. However, most researchers believe that it is due to genetics, the immune system, and the environment.

It can appear on the feet, hands, face, and folds of your skin. Constant scratching can lead to a thickened area. Eczema generally occurs in people that have allergies. However, allergies are not the reason behind eczema. You can use topical steroids for reducing the symptoms.

3.    Rosacea

This is a chronic swelling of your face with pimples, redness, and prominent blood vessels. It is very common in women who are over 30. Immune system problems, vein problems, and environmental issues are behind this condition. There are various treatments available that you can try. Your dermatologist might suggest some antibiotics that you can use. The acid gel can also help you in treating this condition.

4.    Athlete’s foot

Your feet are also vulnerable to fungal infections. Athletes’ foot disease will lead to redness, extreme itching, and cracked skin. It is caused by the dermatophytes fungi. This fungus is found in moist and warm areas like a locker rooms, pool decks, and shower stalls.

There are topical antifungal treatments available for this problem. Thus, you can easily use sprays and creams for solving this issue.

5.    Hives

Hives are the familiar welts (itchy, red, and raised areas). They can occur anywhere on your skin. The main causes behind hives include foods, bug bites, and medication. If your hive is covering a large part of your skin, then you should seek urgent treatment. You should even call 911 in such a situation. They can even affect your breathing.

Normal hives will generally go away in 2-4 hours. However, in some cases, they can persist for months. A skin dermatologist can help you in treating hives.


Skin disorders can be difficult to catch as the symptoms can vary. However, it is important to ensure that you are visiting a dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group if you are facing a skin disorder. They can help you in learning about skin disorders and their treatments.