“The body of every woman between the ages of 31 and 50 needs 32mg iron and 14mg for women over 50 years old,” said dietitian Sharon Palmer who is the author of the book Plant-Power, for Life. Average body size for each adult needs 8-27mg of iron per day. Pregnant women or lactating women will need more iron.

Iron-rich foods help increase energy, and the body is always feeling well.

Furthermore, iron helps maintain the dead muscle that produces hemoglobin in red blood cells throughout the body. Therefore, if iron is deficient, the body will not produce enough hemoglobin. As a result, your body will lack energy in your daily life. Severe iron deficiency can lead to kidney failure. Many scientific studies have shown that eating red meat increases the risk of many cancers. Therefore, the post will introduce the best iron rich foods for your body.

  1. Pumpkin is high in iron

When talking about iron rich foods, we can not miss out pumpkin. It is not only iron rich foods but also contains a lot of nutrients for the body such as amino acids, zinc, calcium, vegetable protein, carotene and etc. Therefore, pumpkin is nutrition food for anyone.

  1. Dark green vegetables

Green vegetables are rich in vitamins A, K, C and especially the young iron. Therefore, you can eat dark green vegetables such as green vegetables, broccoli, and spinach and so on.

  1. Types of beans

Beans such as green beans, black beans, soya beans and red beans are foods that provide relatively high levels of iron to the body, helping to improve anemia effectively. In addition, the molybdenum contained in many in but the bean also helps absorption of iron effectively.

  1. Grapefruit is good for anemia

If someone asks what fruit is eating? Surely the answer will be the grape because in the grape contains a lot of nutrients that help to nourish blood such as calcium, phosphorus, iron vitamins and etc. Furthermore, the grapes contain antioxidants to help poison in the body effectively.

  1. Iron liver animals

Liver of animals such as chicken, pigs and cows all contain high iron content. In 100g pig liver provides 12mg iron, 100g chicken liver delivers 10mg of iron and 100g of cow liver provides 6.5mg of iron. However, to remove the toxins can exist in the liver, you should be cleaned thoroughly, squeeze blood stagnation and cooked to eat.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods such as calcium, vitamins, protein, phosphorus, minerals, and especially contain high iron content. Therefore, you should add eggs from your diet every day to help support and reduce anemia.

  1. Beef helps with blood transfusions

One of the best iron rich foods is beef which is one of the dishes that are so familiar to us. In beef, which is high in iron, it is estimated that 100g of lean beef gives us 3.1 mg of iron. It is the reason why beef is the answer to the question of what is the best food for reducing anemia.

  1. Seafood

If you think that seafood contain calcium, you are wrong because it has a large amounts of iron. You can eat more some seafood including shrimp, crabs, and mackerel, salmon, oyster and so on. The food not only provides iron for the body, the above seafood but also contains vitamin B12 help prevent to anemia.

  1. Broccoli

Although broccoli is known as the vegetable, it is an iron rich food for your body. Broccoli contains iron essential nutrients such as vitamin K, magnesium and vitamin C. These minerals also help stimulate the absorption of iron in the body.

  1. Oat

The food for this perfect breakfast can contain about 4 milligrams of iron for the body in just half a cup every day. In addition, the nest also contains more soluble fiber, protein and B vitamins, thiamin, riboflavin and B6.

  1. Oysters

An average of 6 servings of oysters can contain up to 4 mg of iron. Oysters are also rich in amino acids which can help fight fatigue and increase the body’s immunity. It is best to boil oysters to ensure health.

  1. Baked potato

Baked potatoes are known as delicious and attractive snacks with a lot of people. Besides that the food is also rich in iron. A large baked potato also contains more than 3 mg of iron.

  1. Red and brown rice

These are great sources of iron-rich foods for babies. However, these types of rice may not appeal to your child if they are simply cooked. Therefore, you should try adding some flavor to it by stirring in vegetables, eggs, or meat which depends on your eating habits.

  1. Plum juice or cranberry juice

There are some fruit juices that are rich in iron. Furthermore, their sweet taste attracts children, but be sure not to give more than a glass every day. These juices are also good for urinary tract and prevent constipation. They do not contain fat or cholesterol.

  1. Organic dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is known as the healthy product and favorite foods for kids. Therefore, one way to satisfy their appetite is to find organic black chocolate. They contain less sugar while they are richer in iron.

Hope that the post brings lovely and useful information for you to know more about iron-rich foods. If you need more information, you don’t forget to see a doctor to get more.

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