Have you ever wanted to check your internet ip. Or you want to check the computer ip in the LAN. Here are the fastest ways to check for you.

What is your network IP address? IP is an acronym for Internet Protocol. An address assigned to each electronic device, used to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network. Any network device that joins the network connection is given a private IP address. You can find out your network ip by the following way.

Check with online ip checking websites

There are many websites that can help you to see the ip address. You just need to google the keyword check ip and there will be millions of results. When you visit those websites, your network IP will be displayed. The most popular web for you. whatismyipaddress.com , whatismyip.com , myip.com . If you need a Vietnamese website, checkip.com.vn will help you.

Network ip is displayed when accessing whatismyipaddress.com

Check ip by whatismyip.com

Check Ip with Speedtest app on your phone

Speedtest.net is a website that allows you to test the speed and ip of your network operator for free. Especially they have an app on your phone for you to check any internet. Extremely convenient. This is the application you should install on your phone and use when needed.

Check IP with speedtest

How to find any website ip

You want to know the ip of any website. See where it is hosted. There are many websites to help you with this. Checkip.com.vn of Vietnam will help you.

You can also view the website IP with the CMD command on windows with the following command. ping domain.com -t (You press the shortcut Windows + R and enter the command line)

Enter the command ping dantri.com.vn -t into CMD to check the IP

How to see your computer’s IP in the Lan network

To check the computer IP in your LAN with the CMD command, follow these steps.

Step 1: Open the run CM window by . Type cmd in the search box where the Start button is or use the combination Windows + CHEAP

Step 2: Type ipconfig command and press enter

Computer IP parameters, Wifi gateway IP, modem …

Above are some simple ways to check ip for you. If you do not want your ip to be tracked on the Internet, please refer to how to fake ip online