Picking up the best car roof rack is not as easy as it seems. The processes can be hectic, especially if you have no idea how to go about it. Most people have the notion that all you have to do is walk to an aesthetically pleasing roof rack and make a purchase. Well, does your car have bars already? Is the rack going to accommodate your gear, and lastly, how often are you planning to use your roof rack? Those are some of the questions you should be asking yourself before choosing a roof rack for your car. The good news is that this piece contains information on how to choose the best roof rack. All you have to do is pay attention to the useful tips it offers. Start by answering these two questions.

What type of roof rack do you want?

There are so many varieties of car roof racks in the market. Some of the popular types include pick up truck racks, trailer ladder racks, roof bars, and van racks, among others. As you can see, the different types depending on the vehicle itself. It is thus easy to differentiate one from the other. Do you, however, need to know which car do you possess? Is it an SUV, sedan, or a double cabin? Once you come up with the answer, pick a rack that can fit that particular automobile.

What gear are you planning to carry?

Every roof rack comes with a distinct design. The model gives them the ability to carry specific gear. You cannot use a bicycle rack to transport a kayak or a canoe. That is why you need to know precisely the type of gear you are planning to carry. You can always opt for ski and snowboard racks, roof bike racks or roof boxes among others. You can also go for cargo baskets that are famous for carrying any gear from bags to camping tents. It is, however, advisable to use multipurpose roof racks. These equipment come with minimal limitations. You can buy roof cage here.


Once you get the correct answers to those two simple questions, you need to move to the most exciting section. How do you choose the best roof rack? To make the best pick you to consider:

The installation process

It is evident that each roof rack comes with its installation process; this is not a bad idea. It is, however, vital that you find out if you have to drill your car to install the roof rack. In case the answer is yes, are you ok with the process? For those who don’t like the idea, you can always go for temporary roof racks. These are the easily removable ones, and there is no need to put permanent holes in your vehicle

Whether you are going to need additional equipment

Sometimes installing a roof rack on your car brings with it other expenses. For you to avoid spending the extra cash, you need to know whether the roof rack requires additional equipment like a wheel step. The tool is very useful for tall roof racks. It gives you an excellent place to step on as you hoist your cargo to the rack. The good news is that other roof racks are fully functional without the need for extra tools. They make the best choice for individuals who are not willing to spend extra cash on a roof rack.

The availability of factory rack system

Consider yourself lucky if your vehicle comes with a factory rack system. These are rail mountings that come with the car straight from the factory. With them, you are going to spend less money installing your roof rack. All you need is a pair of crossbars for you to end up with an incredible roof rack. You also don’t have to drill your vehicle to install other types of roof racks. The bars provide surfaces for fastening and clutching the cargo holding equipment. They also give your car a great look.

The durability and strength of the roof rack

You must consider how sturdy the car roof racks are. A good roof rack should be able to hold your gear effortlessly. It should also be durable, given that most of them have to endure harsh environmental conditions. Keep in mind that strength is very different from heaviness. A strong and light cargo rack is preferable. Heavy equipment, on the other hand, is going to limit the weight of the cargo you can carry while putting too much stress on your vehicle.

The material of the roof rack

Going for a plastic roof rack is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. They tend to fail whenever they come across a series of harsh elements. You should thus opt for all metal roof racks. These are not only strong but also durable. Among the many factors to consider, you should put more emphasis on the material. It makes choosing a roof rack easy and fast since you have to rule out the ones that have plastic.

From the above information, you should be fully aware of how to choose the best roof rack. The process becomes more comfortable if you know exactly what to look for. Make sure that you have the answers to the main questions on your fingertips. You can then go ahead and consider the factors above.