Because this is the most recent mouse with mechanical key functionality, the time you spend here will be well spent. This mouse comes with a specifically designed mouse pad that increases its effectiveness.

Pictek Gaming Mouse has just been enhanced by the Pictek team, and an advanced gaming mouse will be published soon.


Pictek Gaming Mouse with 5600dpi razer precision 3.5g laser sensor substantially improves performance and gives you the greatest gaming experience possible because of its unrivaled high-speed responsiveness.

When playing various games in different genres, DPI adjustment is very crucial, and it can be customized to your liking ranging from 100dpi to 5600dpi.

Unique Style

Pictek Gaming Mouse is a one-of-a-kind mouse that appears to be the most comfortable mouse in the world. Separate from the basic mouse buttons and scroller, there are two auxiliary buttons on each side of the mouse.

When it’s being used for gaming, the additional keys may be customized, and the unusual design makes it easy to use for both left and right-handed people.

When you use the Pictek Gaming Mouse, you will appreciate the comfort of its nature, as all of the keys are extremely sensitive, and the mouse’s sides are strongly padded to provide both comfort and longevity. Its glossy covering provides a wonderful sensation to your fingertips, which you won’t be able to see but will feel.

Sensitivity and Responsiveness

The Pictek Gaming Mouse offers a level of sensitivity and responsiveness that no other mouse can match. The specifically constructed mouse pad is adequate for all of your motions, with over 5,000 DPI, you won’t want that much area on the mouse pad.

Optional Configuration Software

Even though the Pictek Gaming Mouse is plug-and-play, it does require supplementary setup software, which is given by the manufacturers because this is a fully functional gaming mouse.

Pictek Gaming Mouse setup program allows you to assign alternative purposes to buttons, switch on or off mouse sound and light effects, create complicated custom macro instructions, alter DPI and polling rate, and create numerous profiles to suit your navigation and gaming demands.

This mouse contains a lot of light and sound elements that offer you a great feeling. The surface of the Pictek Gaming Mouse pad has been treated with a unique chemical that follows the blue light from the mouse as you move it.

Though these effects are quite appealing, the only small flaw with this mouse is the lack of a sleeping function, which is particularly useful in situations where light and sound effects are not required.

Pictek Gaming Mouse is without a doubt the coolest mouse, and it has a fantastic design that draws everyone’s attention to it. This is the best mouse for MOBA gamers, but any PC user will want something as amazing and useful as this.

Pictek gaming mouse review, thankfully, has a high-end style with high-featured setup software and a high-sensitive and defined sensor, ensuring the greatest gaming experiences and superb mouse performance.