People often say that poker is not a good activity. No person in the world is rich due to the game of poker. The fact is wrong as such people have never heard of the poker king Dan Blizerian. Those who have been through his Instagram profile are well known for a fact about this guy’s lifestyle. When you will see Instagram and open the account of Mr. Bilzerian, then you will see the lavish life he is living with all the money he has.

Now, if you see the profession of him, then he is an ex-army man, but after retirement, he has become the most renowned poker player. Some people call him the king of all the gamblers, and the others take his name as the most prominent poker champion. According to some gambler’s poker playing experience, it is stated that – There is no person in the world of gambling who bluffs better than Dan, and that is the reason he is earning so much through poker.

When gambler sees his lifestyle and goes through his profile, then the first question that arises in their mind is, did Dan Bilzerian Get His Money by Winning at Poker?  Yes, this is an obvious question because he shows himself a man loaded with cars, women, guns, and boats. He is the person who parties Carrebian every night, which is a dream of every people living in this world. So, let us deep dive into his life history and check how he has earned such a large amount of money.

Dan Bilzerian – his life from the beginning

Mr. Bilzerian is an American born in the state of Florida at a place named Tampa. He started his carrier in life as an army person and served the nation for plenty of years. After that, when he retired then the story of poker begun in his life. According to the source, it is noticed that in the year 2007, he had visited the Lake Tahoe casino for the first time, and at that time, he has carried a bag with him that carried some hard cash. That was the day his life turned around, and he has come to know that poker is the best way out to make all his dreams real.

In the year 2009, he has participated in the live event in the WSOP in which he was recorded to win the total amount of around 37000 dollars. It was the only live-recorded win that he has. All the other winnings are either narrated by Dan himself or the players he has played with. There is a brother of Dan Bilzerian named Adam, a part of the poker community but not as famous as him.

He has won an amount of around 11 million dollars from just a one-night play of poker. He is an addict who loves to play some high poker games that leverage his earnings day by day. In the whole year of 2014, he was known to win the amount of 50 million dollars. Now he says that he is no longer a player who plays with professionals. He now plays poker just for fun and lives his life to the fullest.

The net worth of Dan Blizerian is estimated to be 100 million dollars. He proclaims that when he was in his thirties, the entire fund he has in the earlier stages was befitted by the trust findings, and after that, his life as a high stake poker player started. The poker was the only source through which he has earned such a large amount of money. He is the person who has made himself by investing his time and being better in the game of poker. Many videos and tweets are made by him that show that yes, all the fortune he has earned is due to poker only.

Some people claim that the wealth he has is from his father Paul Bilzerian, a very famous Wall Street corporate raider. But in the 1980s, he was convicted, and the charge on him was violating the taxation rules and going for the try of an illegal takeover. At that time, they have to pay a fine of 60 million dollars. Some say that they have don’t paid the whole amount, which means that there is some money that he has inherited. There is no doubt he has won considerable amounts in poker, but the net worth he has is the result of many factors, including poker.

Dan Bilzerian in present

Now Dan Bilzerian has stopped playing poker with the professional player and also many big hands. He is busy living his life as an influencer on Instagram, living his life to the fullest. He is now seen just playing poker, usually with small hedge funds with typically by Polk. There are many other professions that he is engaged with right now. They are as follows:

  • He is a capitalist marketer who owns a company named Ignite International. He is the CEO of the company which is working very and having some good profits. It is the brand that deals in some high-quality THC and is serving cannabis globally.
  • He owns several poker websites and applications that allow others to play poker and is a reliable source. People just come off his apps, seeing the name of the guy behind, thinking that who knows that they also win such a huge amount.
  • Due to his influential Instagram life, he has also got a chance to be an actor in many Hollywood movies. So, it can also be seen as a little source of his earnings.
  • The gambling is still the source from which he is said to grow. What he is today due to the game of poker, which he is never going to leave.


If we see the life of Dan Bilzerian, then he is an influencing entity that has changed the minds of many people around about the game of poker. If we see the question about his earnings from gambling and poker, then the answer is conflicting. If we check and believe Dan’s statements, then what e is today is due to poker, but other sources say a different story. They see poker only as a single source of his money out of many.