A blood pressure monitor is what doctors and individuals use to measure blood pressure levels. It allows you to control a very volatile part of human health.

Blood pressure levels are infamous for being the direct cause of a variety of health issues, from hypotension to headaches and even strokes.

A blood pressure monitor is also what allows you to understand the difference between hypotension and hypertensive crisis. Without one, differentiating these two conditions becomes difficult due to their symptoms being almost identical (Weakness, dizziness and headaches).

However, carrying a tonometer with you will allow first raiders to respond appropriately, should an issue arise. Therefore, if you suffer from high or low blood pressure, it’s always ideal to carry a monitor with you at all times -as doctors suggest.

In our previous article, we have discussed how difficult it can be to make an informed decision whenever you choose to buy a tonometer. Fortunately, this article will help you understand what you should be paying attention to when choosing a device.

Choosing the best blood pressure monitor for you

Choosing an automatic blood pressure over a mechanical one is always preferable. Automatic tonometers have many more functions and versatility, compared to their mechanical counterparts.

The electronic Antrolife AES-UB21 device is a convenient tool that delivers everything you need to look for in an automatic blood pressure monitor. This is what follows:

No need for human intervention : Linking your tonometer to your arm via the cuff eliminates need for human intervention, meaning that you will constantly have a way to register potential blood pressure surges and life-threatening conditions without the need of a helper that may not be available when the issue arises.

The antrolife AES-UB21 smart device interprets results automatically, warning the user about potential cases of hypertension or hypotension.

Removing the need for human intervention is also ideal when it comes to choosing the best blood pressure monitor for seniors – It’s also worth mentioning that the manual pump movement of mechanical tonometers is harder to perform for older people, or if you have suffered a stroke.

Repairability : It is an unfortunate truth that breakdowns may happen to your blood pressure monitors. This is especially true with automatic tonometers due to the sensitive nature of mechanisms and their susceptibility to physical damage.

However, the higher price point is normally justified by the additional functions, lower rejection rates and ability to shop for accessories in order to pay for only the parts that have broken, rather than buying a whole different piece altogether.

Heart rate monitoring: The right blood pressure monitor comes integrated with a heart rate detection system. Issues in your heart rate can be a forewarning to blood pressure issues, and modern Antrolife models come equipped with text-to-speech and automatic diagnosis that will vocally guide you through your results.

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