Are you struggling to find a way to download a video from youtube to your phone or computer?

Want to find the fastest way to download videos on Youtube online to your computer or phone?

This article will introduce you to 3 fastest ways to download videos, music movies on YouTube online without having to use software …

1. Download videos from youtube using

You open the youtube video you want to download, then copy the link to that video.

You can copy it in one of two ways:

– Copy directly in the search bar.


– Right click on the video then choose “copy video URL”

Once you have the video URL, go to

Paste the video path just copied and “download”

Then click “download” to download the video

Note: you can choose a format suitable for video quality and size as shown in the picture above.

2. Download youtube videos using

Similar to the above way, when you have copied the video url you go to

Paste the link and “download”

The advantage of using is that you can download both mp4 video formats and mp3 audio files from that video.

3. Download youtube video online using

Similar to the 2 ways above, just go to and paste that link and then “download”.

This may be the best youtube video download site for downloading mp4 videos and mp3 music files. The quality of youtube videos can choose the best quality full HD according to the original video format.

Above are 3 simple and fastest ways to download online videos from youtube I want to introduce to you. Please share it if you find it interesting and useful.


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