Today, when using social networks, young people often create a variety of languages ​​and characters to chat with friends.

Lmao, Rip, Gg, Lol, G9 … surely these characters you have seen somewhere in the comments on Facebook or chatting with friends while playing games, but you are “fuzzy chickens” and have not yet caught up. get the meaning of those words. So in this article, let’s find out what those characters mean?

1. What is Lmao?

Lmao is an acronym for “Lauging My Ass Off”, this word is understood in Vietnamese meaning as “laughing at the mouth”, “laughing at the belly”. From date has the same meaning as LOL.

If you are a regular user of social networks like Facabook, Twitter, Instagram, … you will definitely see a lot of comments or when texting with friends.

When using this word, the writer is feeling very happy and wants to show it to the other person.

2. What does RIP mean?

Rip is an acronym for the phrase “Rest in peace”. This phrase can be understood simply as resting or condoling those who have died.

In Latin, Rip is an acronym for Requiescat in pace. This is part of a long prayer for the dead in many religions. This prayer has also been translated into music, especially during the Latin “Requiem” Masses. Composers like Bach and Mozart composed works based on this prayer.

3. What is GG?

GG stands for Goog Game, if translated into Vietnamese, we can understand that it is a good game or a good game. This word is often used by foreign gamers to compliment their teammates when they are playing too well.

However, when they returned to Vietnam, the young people changed it in a different sense, which is “surrender”. So, when playing a game, if you see your teammates chatting “GG go”, please surrender to start a new match quickly.

4. What is G9?

With 9x young people, they are extremely creative, can turn languages ​​into digital symbols to talk with friends. For example, “hi”, in English will be written as “Hi”, read in Vietnamese as “hai”, and when chatting, it will be written as number 2.

So, G9 also comes from the same transcription and this phrase is understood as Good Night, meaning good night after each talk at night.

The above article has just explained to you what is Lmao, Rip, Gg, Lol, G9? Meaning of words. Hopefully after this article, readers will no longer use them indiscriminately, as well as do not use these words in the wrong case.