Today, with the development of information technology, we easily encounter specialized terms such as ICT, ICT index … when surfing the web or tracking information about information technology related fields. . Although this term appears a lot, but many of us still do not fully understand what it means? To understand exactly the meaning of ICT, in the article below, Network administrator will help you answer this question.

What is ICT?

ICT is an acronym for Information & Communication Technologies, this word is understood as Information Technology and Communication. This is a term widely used in the current technology era, it is a combination of communications and telecommunications, intelligent building management systems and audio-visual systems in information technology. modern.

In addition, ICT is also the term to refer to the media used to process information, share audio and images such as telephones, media, audio processing, network transmission and functionality. supervision.

The meaning of ICT

Today, to talk about ICT indexes, people often use the term that comes with the phrase ICT Index. The ICT index is used to measure the development of Information and Communication Technology, not only that, but also an indicator to measure the readiness to develop and apply ICT in various fields. .

ICT indicators by levels in Vietnam:

1. ICT Index of the Province – Thanh: This is the readiness index for the application and development of ICT of the Province – Thanh. (This group includes 2 indicators: infrastructure and applications)

2. ICT Index of the Ministry – Industry: The readiness level for the application and development of information and communication technology of the Ministry – Industry. (ICT includes: infrastructure and application)

3. ICT Index of the Company: Index of the production and business capacity in the ICT sector of the Enterprise. (This index includes 2 groups: Business results and competitiveness)

Some other acronyms related to ICT

  • Information And Communications Technology
  • International Critical Tables
  • In Circuit Test
  • Institute Of Computer Technology – Also Icot
  • Influence Coefficient Tests
  • Information And Communication Technology
  • Insulin Coma Therapy
  • Integrated Concept Team
  • Intramolecular Charge Transfer
  • Information And Communication Technologies
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Idiopathic Copper Toxicosis
  • Ideal Cycle Time
  • Image Composition Tool
  • Isovolumic Contraction Time – Also Ivct

With the current development of information technology, it can be seen that ICT has a great impact on many areas in the life of each country. Hopefully, through the above article, you have partly understood the meaning of ICT.

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