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How to Make Video Wedding Invitations and Impress Everyone

How to Make Video Wedding Invitations and Impress Everyone

Want an impressive video wedding invitation? Here are some strategies for generating killer video wedding invites. Video invitations are becoming increasingly popular, not just for...

Rooftop Wedding Venues: Tips for Planning the Perfect Rooftop Wedding

A glorious sunset, towering skylines, and a magnificent view – the perfect backdrop for a picture- perfect wedding. A rooftop venue guarantees all of that and more. However, planning a wedding on the rooftop comes with some unique challenges that can be easily overcome with some detailed planning a knowledge of logistics.

How Engagement Traditions Have Changed Over Time?

Getting married holds a special place in a variety of different cultures. Traditions for engagement celebrations as well as other traditions vary...

Reasons Why Couples Have a Destination Wedding

If you want an extraordinary celebration, you should know everything that you need to consider when planning a destination wedding. Choosing a dream location is...